Ammunition & Reloading Equipment and Components.

Towers Of Rochdale carry a range of airgun, shotgun and rifle ammunition as well as a comprehensive stock of reloading equipment and components from leading manufacturers.

Shotgun Cartridges - We stock Victory cartridges in most sizes and calibres as well as a selection of 12 bore blanks..

Rimfire and Centrefire Ammunition - We stock Magtech, CCI, S&B Rimfire Ammunition as well as .22 Short and Std and 8mm and 9mm blanks. We also stock Magtech, Winchester and S&B as standard in most calibres.

Reloading Components. We carry S&B, CCI and Federal Primers, Hodgedons Powder, S&B, Lapua, Norma and Speer Bullet Heads and a good selection of both New and Once Fired Brass in most popular calibres.

Reloading Equipment - Towers Of Rochdale carry a good selection of both new and used RCBS and Lee Loading Equipment.


Victory Europa Shotgun Cartridges
Victory Mini-Mag Cartridges in stock.
Towers Of Rochdale stock and sell Victory Sonic Shotgun Cartridges.
Victory Game Load Cartridges.
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